"sleep-at-noon" Definition


  1. n. A plant (Tragopogon pratensis) which closes its flowers at midday; a kind of goat's beard.

Dictionary Stats for "sleep-at-noon"

Position in dictionary: 91513 of 111710 words.
Word Types: n.,
Words that start with sleep-at-noon: 1
Words that end with sleep-at-noon: 1
Words that contain sleep-at-noon: 1
Next words in dictionary: sleep-charged, sleeper, sleepful, sleepily, sleepiness, sleeping, sleepish, sleepless, sleepmarken, sleepwaker
Previous words in dictionary: sleep, sleeky, sleekness, sleekly, sleeking, sleeked, sleek, slee, sledging, sledged

Definition of sleep-at-noon

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