Flappy Fly

Flappy Fly Game

Fly your flappy fly through an endless onslaught of obstacles in this free online game. With the wonky flight controls similar to games you love like Flappy Birds, see how long you can last in this silly alternative. This is a 2d side scrolling flight game requiring skill to set a high score. Dodge the enemy objects and get as far as you can.

This flappy fly game is available to play and compatible on all modern mobile and desktop devices, such as Android, iOs, Windows, etc. Play on your mobile phone on the go, or at your desk instead of work. Play for fun or be competitive and try to beat your friends and set a high score. This flappy fly game takes skill but also feels casual and so is great for all ages and talent levels.

Game Controls

Just tap or click the screen, or press space-bar, "w" or the up arrow to flap your fly upwards. You know, all the standard GO! buttons will work. just keep tapping and you will send your little fly dude or gal upward. But he or she seems to be wearing iron pants, and like a good flappy bird this little fella barrels down kamikaze style. Anyways, keep tapping and see if you can survive long.