Snake Game

Free Online Snake Game

Play the classic snake game with this free online web app. Direct your snake around and try to eat as much food as you can while avoiding your tail and the walls! Your tail grows with each new food you eat, so watch out. Choose the wrap-around walls option for a more casual fun experience. Choose to make hitting your tail cut your snake in half instead of ending the game so you can play forever! Aha, never have to go outside again. This family friendly free online snake game can provide hours of fun and entertainment as you try to beat your high score using skill and wit. This can be a competitive or casual game depending on the settings you choose.

Why else this is the best snake game online? Set your snake to a large or small size, set your speed to fast, slow or progressive. Depending on the settings you choose you can make your game crazy and difficult to show off your skills and have fun. Or choose settings to make it a bit easier to lower your stress and live longer. It's up to you.

Did I mention the snake game movement is the best? Never lose a move. Get right to the edge of the screen, then tap a perpendicular then opposite direction to your current direction and you will smoothly and perfectly do a 180, no hassle, no lost moves, no need to smash your keyboard off the wall. Check it out.

The game also sits and waits politely for you to start. Tap any direction to start the game and move where you want to go.

Snake Game Controls

  • UP: Up Arrow, or "W"
  • DOWN: Down Arrow, or "S"
  • LEFT: Left Arrow, or "A"
  • RIGHT: Right Arrow, or "D"

Mobile Phone Snake Game Controls

Play Snake Game on your mobile phone! Just tap to the left or right of the snake to make him or her turn to the left or right. Hooray, play this fun snake game on the go on your mobile phone, it's a web app compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows phone with nice easy controls.

Snake Game Sizes

  • Small: You have much more space to move around. Not necessarily easier if you increase the speed, just different.
  • Normal: Standard game board & snake size.
  • Large: Good luck, not much room. No waiting before the game to gets challenging.

Game Speeds

  • Slow: good for grandma xD
  • Normal: casual!
  • Fast: competitive -_-
  • Crazy: show off your twitch skills O_O
  • Infinite: Each food you eat increases your speed... good luck.

Game Tail Modes

  • Classic: Hit your tail and you're done like dinner.
  • Chop in half: Hit your tail and you get chopped in half.

Game Wall Modes

  • Classic: Hit a wall and you're toast.
  • Wrap Around: Nice and friendly walls that send you to other side of the game board.