Case Converter

Free Online Text Case Converter

Convert the capitalization of text to any casing you want with this online text casing converter. You can convert the text to sentence case, title case, upper case, lower case, alternating case, random casing or invert the current casing, camel case, pascal case, hyphen, snake and dot case.

The available options on this app:

  • Sentence case: Set the first letter of each sentence to upper case. You can also choose a specific list of words to maintain or fix capitalization of the first letter when using sentence case; this is most useful for people's titles, names, places, and other proper nouns.
  • Title case: Set the first letter of each word to upper case.
  • Lower case: Set all text to lower case.
  • Upper case: Set every letter to upper case, like capslock.
  • Alternating case: Set every other letter to upper and then lower case.
  • Invert current case: Set every letter to the opposite of their current case.
  • Random: Set casing at random.
  • Pascal case: Set every word to start with a capital letter, and remove all spaces.
  • Camel case: Set every word except the first to start with a capital letter, and removes all spaces.
  • Hyphen case, snake case & dot case: Set every character to lower case, and change spaces to a hyphen, underscore, or period respectively, and also removing extra spaces.

More about Converting Text Capitalization

This app is most useful to save your time by quickly fixing a large block of text automatically rather than retyping it by hand. This can be incredibly useful to someone that may have been mistakenly written their document (advertisement blurbs, email messages, memos, etc) using the wrong capitalization.