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Free online games to relax and have some fun, or challenge yourself to set a high score.


Randomization at its best; let chance, providence, fate, luck or just probability take over.

Text Analyzers

Analyze a body of text and determine many useful details in the data with these analyzers.

Text Processors

Update your text document quickly & automatically, modifying it to be more useful.

Discover & Learn

Everything to do with looking things up, learning new things and making new connections.


Convert something to something else that you might just like a little bit more.


Be more secure; these web apps help you with your security & encryption related needs.


Images, graphics and visual-related apps.

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Free incredibly useful web apps to help you be better at everything. These free web apps are available online through your browser, and can be used with any modern web-browser and work across all types of devices, including Android, Windows, iOs, your smart TV, smart fridge, etc. You will find web apps to help your with every day life, to solve big problems and small problems, to be more productive at work, and just to have fun and relax. Find everything from free web productivity apps, information apps to help you learn and discover, web tools for webmasters, developers and researchers, games to relax or challenge you, generators, summarizers, counters, formatters, calculators, and more. New web apps are being added all the time and new features are being added to existing apps.

appZaza's goal is to provide super useful web apps for all for free. New features and updates coming out every week.

Contact us if you have an idea for a new web app or have a suggestion.