Character Counter


Online Character Counter

Count the number of characters, letters, numbers and spaces in a text document with this free character counter app. See the total number of characters, the number of unique characters and the number of each type of character in the results. For example, submitting "abca" would display a total count of 4, and a unique total of 3.

With this character counter app you can optionally choose whether to count letters, numbers/digits, spaces and special characters from within your text. You can also choose a specific character that you want counted separately. For example a specific letter, number or special character could be entered to be tallied separately in the results.

More about Character Counting

Character counts are important in a variety of industries; various types of projects, contests, documents and data types have specific requirements for the total number of characters rather than a total word count. Of course business related memos, headlines in newspapers, titles for assignments, tweets, SMS text messages, etc can all require a strict character limit and would find this character counter useful and essential.

This online character counter app is also an alternative to character count features that may be difficult to find, not as feature rich, or absent from other software such as Microsoft Word, student versions of Word, Notepad, Wordpad, etc. Often features are disabled in software and a free online alternative is needed.