Color Picker

Free Online Color Picker

Pick a color with the color selector and see the equivalent CMYK, Hex, RGB, HSV and HSL values for that color. Preview the colors as you select them and see the changing ex, RGB, HSV and HSL values as you use the color picker.

In the color picker dialog box you can simply click the color field and slide the shade bar as required. Once the desired color is visible in the preview field, just click ok to confirm the choice. The CMYK, HEX, RGB, HSV and HSL values for your color will automatically load into the details panel as you preview the color choices in the picker.

Other Color Picker Features

If you know the Hue, saturation or luminosity that you want, you can manually enter these values into the color picker dialog box to immediately preview the color and see the corresponding values. You can also manually enter the RGB (red green blue) values into the color picker fields and the color will display for you.

This color picker is great for both choosing the right color for your needs, and also converting the selected color value between RGB (red, green, blue), Hex (Hexadecimal), HSV (hue, saturation, value/brightness) and HSL (hue, saturation, lightness).

More about Color Pickers

All these ways to represent colors are frequently used by the same industries that may need help in choosing a specific color. Industries such as computer graphics applications, web design, marketing, business, and in the use of computer software such as Adobe Photoshop all require the picking of colors and seeing the details of the different color representations to enter it into their software or otherwise.