CSS Minifier

Free Online CSS Minifier

Minify your CSS document into the smallest, compressed version with extra spaces removed using this online CSS minifier app. Input your formatted CSS text that contains tabs, spaces and new lines directly into the app and it will output the minified compressed version. You can optionally choose to keep the comments when minifying the CSS using this app.

More About Minifying CSS

Often CSS code has been formatted in a readable way for humans, and therefor contains much unwanted space, newlines, tabs, etc. By removing these unwanted spaces and minifying the CSS you can than save space and input the string into various other programs, apps, processors, etc with fewest possible problems. The minified CSS may be mandatory or helpful when saving or commiting data for a webpage or development project, and is most useful for saving space on the server and lowering bandwidth costs. Minifying CSS can also speed up download speeds for visitors by lowering file sizes.