Dice Roller

Online Dice Roller

Simulate rolling one or many dice with any number of sides with this dice roller app. This dice roller can simulate the standard one dice with six sides, or you can customize the roller to roll multiple dice of any number of sides you like (Up to 100,000 dice with 100,000 sides). For example, you could roll seven-sided, eight-sided, nine-sided, 10-sided, 11-sided, 12-sided, 13-sided, 14-sided, 15-sided, 16-sided dice or more. The results will also display the total of all the rolls added together, to make it even easier to see the outcome of the roll.

The app uses a pseudo random number generation library (PHP's mt_rand for the curious) to output quality random numbers with the rolls. It uses a custom algorithm and big number library to allow you to roll huge quantities of dice if desired, with a large numbers of sides. Or just roll a standard 1 or 2 as needed for your purposes.

Simulate Rolling Dice

Human beings have been rolling dice-like objects for centuries and millenia. You can use this dice roller app for board games like Risk, Monopoly, Clue, WarHammer, Life, etc. Or if you are playing other fun card or chance games and need to roll dice, this app can simulate what you need. Sometimes you may have lost a die and need a replacement, or perhaps you want a quieter option for dice rolling. Or if you are rolling dice for research and math purposes, this simulator is up for the task.