Free Online English Dictionary

Quickly get definitions as you type with this online english dictionary app. Just begin typing your word and the dictionary will suggest words and definitions to you instantly. Even if you don't know how to spell the full word, get definitions fast and suggestions for which word you might mean. Increase your word lookup speeds & efficiency with this app; stop clicking submit buttons; stop googling the word "definition" and "dictionary" over and over again. This english dictionary app will help your productivity skyrocket and make you wonder what you were wasting time for before.

Dictionary Features

Start typing and immediately get dictionary results and suggestions. The fastest english dictionary lookup available. If you don't know how to spell a word fully that's ok, just start typing and receive suggestions for similarly spelled words that start with the letters you have typed. Click on the suggested word to immediately see the definition for that word and more suggestions. This fast dictionary will also list all available definitions for a particular word if more than 1 exist, and also tell you the type of word, eg whether it is a verb, noun, plural, etc.

More about Online Dictionaries

This dictionary service is built on Project Gutenburg and the 1913 edition of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. The dictionary is for english words only and is useful for anyone looking up words and how to spell words quickly. Teachers, researchers, students, authors, writers, etc. could all find it handy to quickly lookup words more effectively with this free app.