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Get definitions for english words with this free online english dictionary. Just begin typing your word and the dictionary will make suggestions to you instantly. Even if you don't know how to spell the full word, get suggestions fast for which word you might be looking for. Increase your word lookup speeds & efficiency with this web app; stop googling over and over again, this free english dictionary app will help you increase your language and definition-finding productivity.

This fast dictionary will also list all available definitions for a particular word if more than 1 exist, and also tell you the type of word, such as whether it is a verb, noun, adjective, plural, and other dictionary statistics.

Use this dictionary's word finder and browsing tools to find words for more of your needs. You can look up words the old fashioned way by flipping through the pages. You can discover new words by looking at the random word suggestions that change on each page reload. Think of it like word of the day. Or you can use the Words that start with, contain, end with tools to help find those needed Scrabble and crossword puzzle solutions.

More about this Free Dictionary

This free dictionary service is built on top of the 1913 edition of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary which is now public domain. The dictionary is for english words only and is useful for anyone looking up words and how to spell words quickly. Teachers, researchers, students, authors, writers, etc, could all find it handy to quickly lookup words more effectively with this free web app.