Find and Replace


Online Find and Replace

Find and replace a specific word, sentence or pattern in a body of text with this online find-and-replace app. Optionally choose to ignore or matching capitalization while running the find and replace. Input your text, that you may have gotten from a document, word processor, article, pdf, etc, and then choose the word to find and what to replace it with. Click go and the text will be immediately updated with the chosen substitutions in place. You can repeat this process with further word/sentence/regex substitutions.

You can enable the pattern (regex) option if you'd prefer to use the PCRE (common in PHP) Regex pattern instead. With this feature enabled your "find this text" input will be used as a regex pattern; make sure to also include the delimiters. Also, you can choose whether or not to ignore capitalization while doing the text substitutions.

Online Find and Replace Alternative

This online find and replace app is a free and easy alternative to other offline options, such as features that are built into common word processors like Microsoft Word and Notepad, or built into other software such as IDE's like Eclypse, Netbeans or Visual Studio. You may find this alternative to be more user friendly or readily available and effective than those options.