Find Nth Character

Extract Nth Character Tool

Find the character in a specific Nth position in a body of text with this extract Nth character app. Paste the text into the app, specify the nth position you are looking for, and quickly see the letter, number or special character at that spot in the text. Counting stars from 1 not 0.

This app will also tell you the position number of every other character in the text you enter in a table of data, so you can quickly verify the results and see the surrounding data, which could be super helpful as well.

Find the Nth Character in Text

Whether you are looking for a letter at a specific spot in a sentence, paragraph, article, string, hash, long number, etc, you can find the nth character easily by direct input using this character extractor app.

For a variety of reasons related to using a common pattern of text in spreadsheets, coding, typing, etc, you might need to get the letter or character in a specific position in a string of text. Sometimes the offline tool you are using might not have a feature to find the nth character, or it may be too complicated. So if you can't figure out how to use Excel, or Notepad, or Wordpad, Microsoft Word, etc, to find the character at a specific offset in the text, you can use this free online app to quickly get it and see the results.