List Randomizer

Online List Randomizer

Randomize and format any list of names, words, numbers or text with this online list randomizer. Shuffle any list that may be separated with spaces, new lines, commas, semi colons, or any special character you specify in a random new order. Specify how you want your new randomized list to be formatted when outputted for the most usefulness.

Just select the checkbox beside each character that may be found in-between list items. Don't worry if your list is poorly formatted with multiple spaces, new lines and or commas between the separate items, this app will drop any or all the specified characters between each entry. You can also enter any character you want such as &, +, %, that you want to be treated as a separator. Alternatively select no separators and ever character in the text will be randomly scrambled.

Randomizing Lists Online

This list randomizer allows people to input any kind of list and output a randomized cleaned up version of the original. This could be useful for a teacher who needs a fair way of choosing the order of students to go first or last in an activity, rather than always giving the person who's name starts with A or Z the opportunity to go first. This could be the same for any other similar scenario, such as a raffle, draw, race, etc. Or you might just want help deciding what to do first between a list of equal options. Let fate decide with this list randomizer.