List Sorter

Free Online List Sorter

Sort and format any list or document alphabetically, by word length, by number or in the order they first appear with this online list sorter app. With the alphabetical list sorting feature you can sort your list from A to Z (ascending), or in reverse order from Z to A (descending). You can also use this list sorter to sort your list by word length. Or choose to sort the list from longest to shortest or shortest to longest. You can also sort specifically by number if you want to force the list to be organized by the number value of the list items (this may cause unexpected behaviour, as letters will also be sorted based on their internal binary values).

You can rest assured that your poorly formatted list is no match for this list formatter. Select all and any of the characters that may be between your list items, such as spaces, new lines and or commas, and this app will strip them out and find the list items. You can also enter any character you want such as &, +, %, that you want to be treated as a separator, or select no separators and ever character will be sorted. This could be most useful if you have a list of two word names, maybe each one is separated by a comma or new line, so you would only select the comma or new line option and de-select the space.

Another useful feature of this online list sorter is the ability to format the results of the sorted list. In fact, you may find the formatting feature to be so useful you may choose to format your list even if you don't need to sort it. That's why you can choose to leave the list items in the order that they first appear as well with the "Keep Current Order" option. Whether with commas between words, spaces, new lines, new lines with commas, semi colons, you should have a display option that works for you. This is most useful if you need to format your list to be compatible with CSV's, Excel, or just to prepare it for printing of viewing. You can also easily print your list with this app.

More about Sorting Lists

This list sorter tool has an abundance of uses, depending on the user and the industry. Alphabetical list sorting is a standardized practice for filing data and can help improve logical storage systems and increase productivity when finding specific entries. Sorting by length could be particularly useful in various technical industries where the word is not necessarily a spoken word, but a group of digits/characters or even binary, for example. You should be able to copy and paste the results of any other program or document into this app to sort the results, including from pdfs, xml, json, usernames, birthdates, customer numbers, etc.