Lottery Number Picker

Online Lottery Number Picker

Pick a random set of numbers for your choice of popular lotteries with this online lottery number picker. The lottery numbers are randomly selected using a random number generator and are uniquely picked every time. Just enter the quantity of numbers to be picked for the lottery type of your choice, and the number of numbers to be picked from, and click Pick Numbers. The picked lottery numbers will appear below; repeat as desired until you have your choice of random lucky numbers.

When you choose to generate numbers for a 6/49 lottery, 6 numbers will be randomly picked for you from between 1 and 49 inclusive. They are then sorted for your convenience from lowest to highest and displayed on the screen. This is the same for the other available lotteries such as 7/49 and 6/69. The first number "Pick Quantity" is used to determine the number of numbers to pick, and the second number "Pick From" determines the number of numbers to be picked from.

Pick any Number of Lottery Numbers

You can customize this lottery number picker to pick lottery numbers for any kind of lottery that requires you to select a subset of numbers from a larger set of 1 - n numbers. This is useful if you have an unusual lottery game you are playing that you need to pick numbers for. For example, a raffle might require 10 numbers to be picked out of 100 numbers, or 5 numbers out of 1000.