QR Code Generator

Free Online QR Code Generator

Generate QR Code images with this free online app, that you can download, share or print. Enter a URL or other text information into the QR code generator and it will output a QR Code that can be scanned by a barcode scanner app and displayed to the user. Share the generated QR Code view a URL that can be sent by social media, email, text, etc. Download the qr code image for use later or for digital purposes such as display on your website, in an email, for adding to a document, advertisement or otherwise. You can also print the qr code image that is generated immediately using the print button.

As you type in a URL, or select a larger or smaller size to customize your QR Code, the image and Share URL will automatically update on-the-fly for the quickest possible use of the app. Experiment by selecting different sizes, and modifying the entered URL to watch the image dynamically update.

More About Generating QR Codes

Most people now have barcode and qr scanner apps on their phones that will be able to scan these generated images, so qr codes quickly have become a common way to share a link & more information to people who are out and about. You might see qr codes on real estate signs, cereal boxes, flyers, advertisements, t-shirts, etc. Someone can quickly scan the code with their phone and open a website that contains more information on the product, service, location or event. A funny link might be shared for a humorous t-shirt via a qr code for example.