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Free Online Slide Puzzle Game

Play the classic Game of 15 slide puzzle game with this 4x4 slide puzzle app. Slide your tiles around the game board until you have arranged them in the correct order. As positions are moved into the correct positions, they will turn green. Just Click or Tap the puzzle piece you want to move to slide it to the empty space beside it. You can also click a tile horizontally or vertically multiple pieces away from the empty space to move the full column or row. Turn the timer on or off for either a competitive or casual experience when playing this slide puzzle game. Relax while playing the game or get your adrenaline rushing as you compete for a new high score.

When you click start the game will take a few seconds to shuffle the tiles. It's important you see the tiles in the correct order and then how they are shuffled (as if on an actual table without lifting the peices) so you know that the game board hasn't been randomized into an impossible-to-solve combination.

Hours of family friendly fun can be had as you try to solve this tile slide game & then try to beat your time. Or just play a quick 50 second game before the bus arrives. No flash is needed to play this HTML5 game; it's compatible for desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, iOs, android & Windows devices when using an updated modern browser.

Game of 15 Tile Puzzle Variations

You can play several smaller or larger variations of the classic 15 tile slide puzzle game with this online app as well:
  • 2x2 - Game of 3. Good for babies and namby pambies.
  • 3x3 - Game of 8. Good for kids & learning. A challenge for beginners. More likely to "get lucky" when playing this and solve the puzzle.
  • 4x4 - Game of 15. The classic. Once you figure this one out, you can solve them all. The perfect game board size to play again and again.
  • 5x5 - Game of 24. This makes for a longer game, but nothing really changes from the classic Game of 15 - no new "tricks" to figure out.
  • 6x6 - Game of 35. Sure, why not?
  • 7x7 - Game of 48. Think you have OCD? Now OCD has you.