Text Case Converter

Free Online Text Case Converter

Convert the capitalization of any text document to the exact type of casing you want with this online text casing converter. You can convert casing to to sentence case, title case, upper case, lower case, alternating case, a custom pattern, random casing or invert the current casing, camel case, pascal case, hyphen, snake and dot case. Format a large documents into the desired capitalization format automatically with this app. You can also choose a specific list of words to capitalize the first letter for when using sentence case, for example people's titles, specific names, places, etc. And if you choose the custom pattern option, you can set any combination of letters to be capitalized based on a pattern you enter.

Text Case Converter Options

  • Sentence case converts the first letter of each sentence to upper case.
  • Title case converts the first letter of each word to upper case.
  • Lower case converts all text to small letters.
  • Upper case converts every letter to upper case (think capslock).
  • Alternating case converts every other letter to upper and then lower case (first letter upper case).
  • Invert current case converts every letter to the opposite of their current case. So upper case will become lower and lower will become upper.
  • Random converts letters to upper and lower case completely at random.
  • Pascal case makes every word start with a capital letter but removes all spaces.
  • Camel case makes every word start with a capital letter, and removes all spaces, except the first word starts with lower case.
  • Hyphen case, snake case & dot case change every character to lower case, and converts spaces to a hyphen, underscore, or period respectively - while also removing extra spaces.
  • Custom pattern allows you to enter a pattern of 1s and 0s that will cause capitalization to follow the exact pattern that you have entered, repeating throughout the text.

More about Converting Text Case Capitalization

Save your time by quickly converting your text to the needed capitalization, rather than retyping it by hand. This can be incredibly useful to someone that may need to convert something that was mistakenly written in full caps or with capslock on to the needed sentence casing.

Often advertisement blurbs,tweet, text paragraph, sentence, title, article, essay, advertisement blurb, email messages, memos, etc may be written at first in the incorrect text casing, and this text case converter can help easily switch it in no time.