Word Counter

Online Word Counter

Get the word count and unique word count any text document with this free text analyzer. Use the stats to better understand your document and to meet the requirements of your particular project or assignment. This web app works for any text document, such as an essay, Wikipedia article, pdf, etc; just copy and paste it directly into the site. This is a free easy online alternative to software-embedded word counters, that may or may not exist, in programs like Word, Wordpad, Notepad, etc.

Word Count Features

These are the useful features of this web app:

  • Get the total word count.
  • Get the number of unique words in the document.
  • Display the count that each word appears in the document.
  • Display the percentage that each word appears in the document - this is called the keyword density.
  • Only display words that appear a minimum number of times, or of a minimum length.
  • Sort the results from most to least, least to most, or in the order they first appear.

More about Word Counts

The statistics gathered and displayed by this web app can be useful for a variety of industries. For example, the percentage of times a word appears in a document can suggest the important of that word concept in the document. Many auto-summarizers work by determining the most used uncommon words to determine the most important concepts for that body of work. You can also use this to help determine politicians talking points, for example, by putting their speech into the counter. The more they use certain words in a speech the more likely it relates to the messaging they are trying to give to the public. Knowledge is power!