Word Wrapper

Free Online Word Wrap

Wrap any text into a column of a custom width with this online word wrap tool. You can specify the number of characters wide the column will be for your wrapped text.

Essentially this word wrap app will take your text content and insert line breaks at your maximum column width. But it will always insert the line breaks at the nearest space before the maximum column width and not break a word.

You can also choose in the word wrap options whether or not you want words with more characters/letters than your chosen width to be broken/cut at the chosen max width. By default this is selected because in most cases with word wrap the chosen width is a maximum and words that extend beyond that maximum would cause visual formatting problems if not broken. However, in some instances you may decide that it is more important for words longer than your chosen width to extend beyond the boundary as required, and if so the option can be de-selected.

More about Word Wrap

There can be many reasons a free online word wrap tool is useful, particularly in situations when text needs to be formatted into a vertical column of a specific width in characters/letters. Vertical columns of wrapped text are often used in newspapers, handouts, flyers, reports, or pretty much any type of visual media involving paragraphs of text. Whatever the medium, generally software does not have a word wrap feature to insert line breaks to create the vertical column, but rather relies on automatic formatting. This app lets you take more control over the word wrap process.