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  1. a deception—two persons pretending hostility or indifference to each other, being all the while in concert for the purpose of deceiving a third. In the sporting world a CROSS is an arrangement made between two men that one shall win without reference to relative merits. This is sometimes done with the backer’s consent for the public benefit, at other times a backer is himself the sufferer, the men having “put some one in to lay,” according to instructions.—_See_ DOUBLE CROSS.
  2. a general term amongst thieves expressive of their plundering profession, the opposite of square. “To get anything on the CROSS” is to obtain it surreptitiously. “CROSS-FANNING in a crowd,” robbing persons of their scarf-pins, so called from the peculiar position of the arms. This style of thieving is not confined to the conveying of scarf-pins. CROSSMAN, a thief, or one who lives by dishonest practices.

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