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  1. a lie; “a GAG he told to the beak.”—_Thieves’ Cant._
  2. language introduced by an actor into his part. In certain pieces this is allowed by custom, and these are called GAG-PIECES. _The Critic, or a Tragedy Rehearsed_, is chief among these. Many actors, however, take French leave in this respect with most pieces.—_Theatrical slang._ MR. ROBSON AT BELFAST.—We (_Northern Whig_) suspected a little bit of what is professionally termed GAG in Mr. Robson’s _Daddy Hardacre_ last night. He had occasion to say that one of the characters in the piece “understands me well enough,” to which he added—“I wish some other people did the same,” with an expressive glance at the pit; which we interpreted as having special reference to those appreciative persons in the audience whom we have already mentioned, who think it absolutely needful to roar with laughter at every sentence Mr. Robson utters, without the least regard to whether it be humorous or pathetic—only because Mr. Robson has fame as a comic actor. When another Robson shall arise, no one will object to his GAGGING a little. The public could afford that to such a man in these days of “creations.”
  3. to hoax, “take a rise” out of one; to “cod.”

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