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  1. at billiards, rackets, and many other games, nothing: five points to none would be “five LOVE,”—a LOVE game being when one player does not score at all. The term is also used at whist, “six LOVE,” “four LOVE,” when one side has marked up six, four, or any other number, and the other none. A writer in the _Gentleman’s Magazine_ for July, 1780, derives it either from LUFF, an old Scotch word for the hand, or from the _Dutch_, LOEF, the LOOF, weather-gauge (_Sewell’s Dutch Dictionary_, 4to, 1754); but it more probably, from the sense of the following, denotes something done without reciprocity.
  2. “to do a thing for LOVE,” _i.e._, for nothing. A man is said to marry for LOVE when he gets nothing with his wife; and an Irishman, with the bitterest animosity against his antagonist, will fight him for LOVE, _i.e._, for the mere satisfaction of beating him, and not for a stake.

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