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  1. generally used in connexion with come, as, “He came it rather strong OVER me,” _i.e._, tried to intimidate or compel me. The same phrase would also be used to imply that an excess of flattery or praise was being employed for a similar purpose, but that the adulation was being “laid on a little too thick” to be considered genuine. Also used thus sometimes: “You mustn’t come Shakspeare OVER me,” _i.e._, “you mustn’t assume an air of immeasurable literary superiority OVER me.” “You mustn’t come Rothschild OVER me,” &c.
  2. in cricket, four balls delivered from one end to another. After an OVER has been bowled, the fielders, wicket-keepers, &c., change ends, and the bowling goes on from the recent batting wicket. A MAIDEN-OVER is an OVER from which no runs are obtained. Four balls is the regulation number to an OVER in all important matches; but little clubs and practice elevens suit their own convenience.

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