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  1. is said as a hasty and contemptuous, if not angry, dismissal, “if you don’t like it, take a short stick and PIKE it.” This is but a form of the attempts at rhyming smartness common in London. “Joe quickly his sand had sold, sir, And Bess got a basket of rags; Then up to St. Giles’s they roll’d, sir; To every bunter Bess brags. Then unto the gin-shop they PIKE IT, And Bess was admitted, we hear; For none of the crew dare but like it, As Joey, her kiddy, was there,” _The Sand-man’s Wedding_, a Cantata. “’Twas not our fault, dear Jack; we saw the watch going into the house the moment we came there, and we thought it proper to PIKE OFF.”—_The Prison Breaker_, a Farce.

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