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  1. inferior, deteriorated. Anything pretending to more than its proper value is said to be PINCHBECK. “Where, in these PINCHBECK days, can we hope to find the old agricultural virtue in all its purity?”—_Framley Parsonage._ PINCHBECK was an inferior metal, compounded of copper and zinc, to resemble gold. It was very fashionable in the last century, and derived its name from a Mr. PINCHBECK, a well-known London tradesman, who manufactured watches, buckles, and other articles out of it. PINCHBECK first obtained his notoriety by the invention of an ingenious candle-snuffers, which the author of _The Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers_ made the vehicle of a facetious Ode that went through eight editions. The title of this _jeu d’esprit_ ran thus:— “_Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck, upon his Newly-invented Candle-Snuffers, by_ MALCOLM M’GREGOR, Esq., 1776. “Illustrious PINCHBECK! condescend, Thou well-beloved, and best king’s friend, These lyric lines to view; Oh, may they prompt thee, ere too late, To snuff the candle of the State, That burns a little blue!” PINCHBECK published a poetical reply, and the two pamphlets were for a long time the talk of the town.

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