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  1. at Cambridge, the “ordinary degree” candidates for the B.A. Examination, who do not aspire to the “Honours” list. From the _Greek_, οἱ πόλλοι, “the many.”
  2. to beat or distance, as in a race; to utterly vanquish in competition. Term much used by printers.
  3. a female of unsteady character; “POLLED up,” means living with a woman in a state of unmarried impropriety. Also, if a costermonger sees one of his friends walking with a strange woman, he will say to him on the earliest opportunity, “I saw yer when yer was POLLED up.”
  4. or POLLING, one thief robbing another of part of the booty. In use in ancient times, _vide Hall’s Union_, 1548.

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