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  1. to tell tales, to SPLIT, which _see_; “to ROUND on a man,” to swear to him as being the person, &c. Synonymous with BUFF, which _see_. Also to turn round upon and abuse or rate. Shakspeare has ROUNDING, whispering.
  2. “ROUND dealing,” honest trading; “ROUND sum,” a large sum. Synonymous also, in a slang sense, with SQUARE, which _see_.
  3. (in the language of the street), the beat or usual walk of a costermonger to sell his stock. A term used by street folk generally. “Watchmen, sometimes they made their sallies, And walk’d their ROUNDS through streets and allies.” _Ned Ward’s Vulgus Britannicus_, 1710. The word “beat” has, so far as our modern guardians are concerned, deposed “round.”

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