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  1. the condition of two persons who SPOON on each other, who are deeply in love. “I see, it’s a case of SPOONS with them,” is a common phrase when lovers are mentioned.
  2. a method of designating large sums of money, disclosed at the Bankruptcy Court during the examination of the great leather failures of Streatfield and Laurence in 1860-61. The origin of the phrase was stated to be the reply of the bankrupt Laurence to an offer of accommodating him with £5000,—“Oh, you are feeding me with a TEA-SPOON.” Hence, £5000 came to be known in the firm as a TEA-SPOON; £10,000, a DESSERT-SPOON; £15,000, a TABLE-SPOON; and £20,000, as a GRAVY-SPOON. The public were amused at this TEA-SPOON phraseology, but were disgusted that such levity should cover a gigantic swindle of the kind. It came out in evidence, however, that it was not the ordinary slang of the discount world, but it may not improbably become so. To “take it with a SPOON,” is to take anything in small quantities. The counsel for the defence in the Tichborne perjury case was reminded a short time back by one of the judges that he was using a TEA-SPOON instead of a shovel, to clear through the evidence.

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