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  1. advice or information respecting anything, but mostly used in reference to horse-racing, so that the person TIPPED may know how to bet to the best advantage. The “straight TIP” is the TIP which comes direct from the owner or trainer of a horse. Of late years a “straight TIP” means a direct hint on any subject.
  2. a douceur; “that’s the TIP,” _i.e._, that’s the proper thing to do. “To miss one’s TIP,” to fail in a scheme.—_Old Cant._
  3. to give, lend, or hand over anything to another person; “come, TIP up the tin,” _i.e._, hand up the money; “TIP the wink,” to inform by winking; “TIP us your fin,” _i.e._, give me your hand; “TIP one’s boom off,” to make off, or depart. From the seafaring phrase.

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