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  1. to share equally the last of a bottle of wine, when there is not enough for a full glass to each of the party.
  2. a well-known public-house game, played as follows:—“The chairman commences saying “one,” the next on the left hand “two,” the next “three,” and so on to _seven_, when “BUZ” must be said. Every seven and multiple of 7, as 14, 17, 21, 27, 28, &c., must not be mentioned, but “BUZ” instead. Whoever breaks the rule pays a fine, which is thrown on the table, and the accumulation expended in drink for the company. _See_ “SNOOKS and WALKER” for more complicated varieties of a similar game. These “parlour pastimes” are often not only funny, but positively ingenious. But the Licensing Act and a zealous police are fast clearing them all out.
  3. to pick pockets; BUZZING or BUZ-FAKING, robbing.

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