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  1. the whole of the runners in a race of any kind. “A FIELD of fourteen runners was placed in care of the starter.” In betting phraseology the FIELD represents the bulk of the horses, as opposed to the favourite. “The FIELD for a pony,” means that the offerer will lay 25_l._ against the favourite, preferring the chances of a winner turning up amongst the others. “Ten to one on the FIELD,” means that the price named can be obtained about any horse in the race, that being the lowest figure or favourite’s price. Laying against favourites is called FIELDING, and bookmakers are often known as FIELDERS.
  2. “to look out,” at cricket. In the outings of an eleven the FIELDERS are those who stand away from the wickets with a view to checking the progress of the ball. FIELDING is a great essential to cricket, and to be “a good FIELD” is no slight honour. Also to lay against favourites in the betting.

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