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  1. a GO of gin, a quartern of that liquor. (This word, as applied to a measure of liquor, is stated to have arisen from the following circumstance:—Two well-known actors once met at the bar of a tavern to have a “wet” together. “One more glass and then we’ll GO,” was repeated so often on either hand, that in the end GO was out of the question with both of them, and so the word passed into a saying.) GO is also synonymous with circumstance or occurrence; “a rummy GO,” and “a great GO,” signify curious and remarkable occurrences; “all the GO,” when anything creates unusual interest, “no GO,” no good; “here’s a pretty GO!” here’s a trouble; GO, a term in the game of cribbage; “to GO the jump,” to enter a house by the window.—_See_ LITTLE GO; also CALL-A-GO. “Gemmen (says he), you all well know The joy there is whene’er we meet; It’s what I call the primest GO, And rightly named, ’tis—‘quite a treat,’” _Jack Randall’s Diary_, 1820.

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