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  1. or FRIENDLY LEAD, a gathering at a low public-house, for the purpose of assisting some one who is “in trouble” (in these cases trouble always means imprisonment), who has just “come out of trouble,” or who is in want of a “mouthpiece.” A LEAD is different from a raffle, inasmuch as no article is put up or thrown for, but in the course of the evening some friend of the troubled one LEADS OFF by putting a certain sum in a plate, and the remainder of the party follow the LEAD with whatever they can spare. Sometimes people pay as they enter the room, but this does not alter the title or character of the meeting. In every other respect a LEAD is similar to a raffle; songs, dances, drinking, and a general desire to increase the bastardy averages being the most conspicuous features of the entertainment. Irish LEADS and raffles are characterized by less vice and more quarrelling than those of the lower orders of English people.

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