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  1. To drown the MILLER is to put too much water in anything. The phrase was originally “to drown the MILLER’S thumb,” or go over the specified mark, _i.e._, the thumb-mark, in adding water to ardent spirits.
  2. “To give the MILLER” is to engage a person in conversation of an apparently friendly character, when all at once the bystanders surround and pelt him with flour, grease, and filth of various kinds, flour predominating. This mode of punishing spies, informers, and other obnoxious individuals, is used by cabmen, omnibus conductors, _et hoc genus omne_. Eggs are useful missiles in an engagement of this description. If rotten eggs are not obtainable, ordinary ones will do.
  3. This word is frequently called out when a person relates a stale joke. _See_ JOE.

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