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  1. a speech or discourse, a pompous street oration, a judge’s summing up, a trial. Ancient word for muttering. Probably from the _Latin_, PATERNOSTER, or Lord’s Prayer. This was said, before the Reformation, in a “low voice” by the priest, until he came to “and lead us not into temptation,” to which the choir responded, “but deliver us from evil.” In the reformed Prayer Book this was altered, and the Lord’s Prayer directed to be said “with a _loud voice_.” Dr. Pusey takes this view of the derivation in his _Letter to the Bishop of London_, p. 78, 1851. Scott uses the word twice, in _Ivanhoe_ and the _Bride of Lammermoor_.
  2. to talk. PATTER FLASH, to speak the language of thieves, talk cant.

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