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  1. a Hansom cab. This favourite carriage was the invention of a Mr. Hansom, afterwards connected with the _Builder_ newspaper. It has been asserted that the term SHOFUL was derived from “shovel,” the earliest slang term applied to Hansoms by other cab-drivers, who conceived their shape to be after the fashion of a scoop or shovel. A logical friend of the present Editor’s argues thus:—SHOFUL, full of show, _ergo_, beautiful—handsome—Hansom. This is clever, but it certainly never entered into the heads of those who gave the name of SHOFUL to the Hansom cabs.
  2. bad or counterfeit money. Perhaps, as some think, from the _Danish_, SKUFFE, to shove, to deceive, cheat; _Saxon_, SCUFAN,—whence the _English_, SHOVE. The term, however, is possibly one of the many street words from the _Hebrew_ (through the low Jews); SHEPHEL, in that language, signifying a low or debased estate. _Chaldee_, SHAPHAL.—_See_ Psalm cxxxvi. 23, “in our low estate.” A correspondent suggests a very probable derivation, from the _German_, SCHOFEL, trash, rubbish,—the _German_ adjective, SCHOFELIG, being the nearest possible translation of our shabby. SHOFUL means anything mock, as SHOFUL jewellery. A SHOFUL is also a humbug, an impostor.

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