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  1. from the modern sense of the word to SHOOT,—a guess, a random conjecture; “to make a bad SHOT,” to expose one’s ignorance by making a wrong guess, or random answer, without knowing whether it is right or wrong.
  2. from the once general, but now provincial word, to SHOOT, to subscribe, contribute in fair proportion;—a share, from the _Anglo-Saxon_ word, SCEAT; “to pay one’s SHOT,” _i.e._, share of the reckoning, &c. “Yet still while I have got Enough to pay the SHOT Of Boniface, both gruff and greedy O!” _Fisher’s Garland_ for 1835.
  3. “I wish I may be SHOT, if,” &c., a common form of mild swearing.
  4. a term used among horse chaunters. To SHOT a horse, is to give him a lot of small shot, which will for a short time effectually “open his pipes,” and make him appear sound in wind.

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