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  1. to decamp, to run, or rather slip away. Some persons think it came originally from LOPE, to make off; and that the _s_ probably became affixed as a portion of the preceding word, as in the case of “Let’s lope,” let us run. It is purely an Americanism, and is possibly but an emendation of our own word elope. Lope, leap, and elope are kindred. A humorous correspondent says that Tennyson is decidedly partial to slang, and instances amongst other proofs a passage from the laureate’s famous _Locksley Hall_:— “Many a night, from yonder ivied casement, ere I went to rest, Did I look on great Orion SLOPING slowly to the west.” Though this correspondent may not have intended it, his joke has given the key to the situation, and has shown how our cousins most probably came to use the word in its present sense. “The sun is SLOPING fast.”

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