"slum" Definition

  1. a chest, or package. _See_ SLOPS.
  2. a letter.—_Prison Cant._
  3. an insinuation, a discreditable innuendo.
  4. gammon, “up to SLUM,” wide awake, knowing. “And this, without more SLUM began, Over a flowing pot-house can, To settle, without botheration, The rigs of this here tip-top nation.” _Jack Randall’s Diary_, 1820.
  5. or BACK SLUM, a dark retreat, a low neighbourhood; as Westminster and East-end SLUMS, favourite haunts for thieves.
  6. to hide, to pass to a confederate.
  7. to saunter about, with a suspicion, perhaps, of immoral pursuits.—_Cambridge University Slang_.

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