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  1. to exhibit, to wear, &c.,—a word which is made to do duty in a variety of senses, especially at the Universities.—_See_ the _Gradus ad Cantabrigiam_. “To SPORT a new tile;” “to SPORT an _Ægrotat_” (_i.e._, a permission from the Dons to abstain from lectures, &c., on account of illness); “to SPORT one’s oak,” to shut the outer door and exclude the public,—especially duns and boring acquaintances. Common also in the Inns of Court. _See Notes and Queries_, 2nd series, vol. viii. p. 492, and _Gentleman’s Magazine_, December, 1794.
  2. an American term for a gambler or turfite—more akin to our sporting man than to our sportsman.

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