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1. v.
(-tt-; past and past part. Put) 1 move to or cause to be in a specified place or position (put it in your pocket; put the children to bed). 2 bring into a specified condition or state (puts me in great difficulty). 3 (often foll. By on, to) impose, enforce, assign, or apply (put a tax on beer; where do you put the blame?; put a stop to it; put it to good use). 4 place (a person) or (refl.) Imagine (oneself) in a specified position (put them at their ease; put yourself in my shoes). 5 (foll. By for) substitute (one thing) for (another). 6 express in a specified way (to put it mildly). 7 (foll. By at) estimate (an amount etc.) At so much (put the cost at £50). 8 (foll. By into) express or translate in (words, or another language). 9 (foll. By into) invest (money in an asset, e.g. Land). 10 (foll. By on) stake (money) on (a horse etc.). 11 (foll. By to) submit for attention (put it to a vote). 12 throw (esp. A shot or weight) as a sport. 13 (foll. By back, off, out to sea, etc.) (of a ship etc.) Proceed in a specified direction. n. Throw of the shot etc. put about 1 spread (information, a rumour, etc.). 2 naut. Turn round; put (a ship) on the opposite tack. Put across 1 communicate (an idea etc.) Effectively. 2 (often in put it (or one) across) achieve by deceit. Put away 1 restore (a thing) to its usual or former place. 2 lay (money etc.) Aside for future use. 3 imprison or commit to a home etc.
Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 1884
2. slang
a game at cards, once fashionable, but now played among thieves and costermongers only.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
3. slang
an obsolete slang term representing the modern “bloke” or “cove.” It was generally applied to elderly persons.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864

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