"abandon" Definition


  1. v. t. To cast or drive out; to banish; to expel; to reject.
  2. v. t. To give up absolutely; to forsake entirely ; to renounce utterly; to relinquish all connection with or concern on; to desert, as a person to whom one owes allegiance or fidelity; to quit; to surrender.
  3. v. t. Reflexively: To give (one's self) up without attempt at self-control; to yield (one's self) unrestrainedly; -- often in a bad sense.
  4. v. t. To relinquish all claim to; -- used when an insured person gives up to underwriters all claim to the property covered by a policy, which may remain after loss or damage by a peril insured against.
  5. v. Abandonment; relinquishment.
  6. n. A complete giving up to natural impulses; freedom from artificial constraint; careless freedom or ease.

Dictionary Stats for "abandon"

Position in dictionary: 203 of 111710 words.
Word Types: v. t., v. t., v. t., v. t., v., n.,
Words that start with abandon: 7
Words that end with abandon: 1
Words that contain abandon: 7
Next words in dictionary: abandoned, abandonedly, abandonee, abandoner, abandoning
Previous words in dictionary: aband, abalone, abalienation, abalienate, abaist

Definition of abandon

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