"abuse" Definition

  1. v. t. To put to a wrong use; to misapply; to misuse; to put to a bad use; to use for a wrong purpose or end; to pervert; as, to abuse inherited gold; to make an excessive use of; as, to abuse one's authority.
  2. v. t. To use ill; to maltreat; to act injuriously to; to punish or to tax excessively; to hurt; as, to abuse prisoners, to abuse one's powers, one's patience.
  3. v. t. To revile; to reproach coarsely; to disparage.
  4. v. t. To dishonor.
  5. v. t. To violate; to ravish.
  6. v. t. To deceive; to impose on.
  7. v. t. Improper treatment or use; application to a wrong or bad purpose; misuse; as, an abuse of our natural powers; an abuse of civil rights, or of privileges or advantages; an abuse of language.
  8. v. t. Physical ill treatment; injury.
  9. v. t. A corrupt practice or custom; offense; crime; fault; as, the abuses in the civil service.
  10. v. t. Vituperative words; coarse, insulting speech; abusive language; virulent condemnation; reviling.
  11. v. t. Violation; rape; as, abuse of a female child.

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