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  1. a. Old; that happened or existed in former times, usually at a great distance of time; belonging to times long past; specifically applied to the times before the fall of the Roman empire; -- opposed to modern; as, ancient authors, literature, history; ancient days.
  2. a. Old; that has been of long duration; of long standing; of great age; as, an ancient forest; an ancient castle.
  3. a. Known for a long time, or from early times; -- opposed to recent or new; as, the ancient continent.
  4. a. Dignified, like an aged man; magisterial; venerable.
  5. a. Experienced; versed.
  6. a. Former; sometime.
  7. n. Those who lived in former ages, as opposed to the moderns.
  8. n. An aged man; a patriarch. Hence: A governor; a ruler; a person of influence.
  9. n. A senior; an elder; a predecessor.
  10. n. One of the senior members of the Inns of Court or of Chancery.
  11. n. An ensign or flag.
  12. n. The bearer of a flag; an ensign.

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