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1. n.
1 long piece of rigid material, esp. Used to confine or obstruct. 2 a something of similar form (bar of soap; bar of chocolate). B band of colour or light. C heating element of an electric fire. D metal strip below the clasp of a medal, awarded as an extra distinction. E heraldry narrow horizontal stripe across a shield. 3 a counter for serving alcohol etc. On. B room or building containing it. C small shop or stall serving refreshments (snack bar). D counter for a special service (heel bar). 4 a barrier. B restriction (colour bar; bar to promotion). 5 prisoner''s enclosure in a lawcourt. 6 any of the sections into which a piece of music is divided by vertical lines. 7 (the bar) law a barristers collectively. B profession of barrister. v. (-rr-) 1 a fasten with a bar or bars. B (usu. Foll. By in, out) shut or keep in or out. 2 obstruct, prevent. 3 (usu. Foll. By from) prohibit, exclude. 4 mark with stripes. prep. Except. be called to the bar be admitted as barrister. Behind bars in prison. [french]
Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 1884
2. n.
Esp. Meteorol. Unit of pressure, 105 newtons per square metre, approx. One atmosphere. [greek baros weight]
Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 1884
3. slang
or BARRING, excepting; in common use in the betting-ring; “Two to one bar one,” _i.e._, two to one against any horse with the exception of one. The Irish use of BARRIN’ is very similar, and the words BAR and BARRING may now be regarded as general.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864

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