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1. v.
(-gg-) 1 pull along with effort. 2 a trail or allow to trail along the ground. B (often foll. By on) (of time, a meeting, etc.) Go or pass slowly or tediously. 3 a use a grapnel. B search the bottom of (a river etc.) With grapnels, nets, etc. 4 (often foll. By to) colloq. Take (an esp. Unwilling person) with one. 5 (foll. By on, at) draw on (a cigarette etc.). n. 1 a obstruction to progress. B retarding force or motion. 2 colloq. Boring or tiresome person, duty, etc. 3 a lure before hounds as a substitute for a fox. B hunt using this. 4 apparatus for dredging. 5 = *drag-net. 6 slang inhalation. 7 slang women''s clothes worn by men. drag one''s feet be deliberately slow or reluctant to act. Drag in introduce (an irrelevant subject). Drag out protract. Drag up colloq. Introduce or revive (an unwelcome subject). [old english or old norse]
Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 1884
2. slang
a cart of any kind, term generally used to denote any particularly well-appointed turnout, drawn by a pair or four horses, especially at race meetings.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
3. slang
feminine attire worn by men. A recent notorious impersonation case led to the publication of the word in that sense.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
4. slang
a street, or road; BACK-DRAG, back street.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
5. slang
or THREE MOON, three months in prison.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
6. slang
THE, a favourite pursuit with fast-hunting sets; as, THE DRAG can be trailed over very stiff country.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864

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