"extend" Definition

  1. v. t. To stretch out; to prolong in space; to carry forward or continue in length; as, to extend a line in surveying; to extend a cord across the street.
  2. v. t. To enlarge, as a surface or volume; to expand; to spread; to amplify; as, to extend metal plates by hammering or rolling them.
  3. v. t. To enlarge; to widen; to carry out further; as, to extend the capacities, the sphere of usefulness, or commerce; to extend power or influence; to continue, as time; to lengthen; to prolong; as, to extend the time of payment or a season of trail.
  4. v. t. To hold out or reach forth, as the arm or hand.
  5. v. t. To bestow; to offer; to impart; to apply; as, to extend sympathy to the suffering.
  6. v. t. To increase in quantity by weakening or adulterating additions; as, to extend liquors.
  7. v. t. To value, as lands taken by a writ of extent in satisfaction of a debt; to assign by writ of extent.

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Word Type: v. t., v. t., v. t., v. t., v. t., v. t., v. t.,
Words that start with "extend": 8
Words that end with "extend": 2
Words that contain "extend": 12
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