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1. n.
Any large web-footen bird of the subfamily Anserinae, and belonging to Anser, Branta, Chen, and several allied genera. See Anseres.
Source: The 1913 Webster Unabridged Dictionary, 1913
2. n.
Any large bird of other related families, resembling the common goose.
Source: The 1913 Webster Unabridged Dictionary, 1913
3. n.
A tailor's smoothing iron, so called from its handle, which resembles the neck of a goose.
Source: The 1913 Webster Unabridged Dictionary, 1913
4. n.
A silly creature; a simpleton.
Source: The 1913 Webster Unabridged Dictionary, 1913
5. n.
A game played with counters on a board divided into compartments, in some of which a goose was depicted.
Source: The 1913 Webster Unabridged Dictionary, 1913
6. n.
(pl. Geese) 1 a large water-bird with webbed feet and a broad bill. B female of this (opp. *gander 1). C flesh of a goose as food. 2 colloq. Simpleton. [old english]
Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 1884
7. slang
a tailor’s pressing iron. Originally a slang term, but now in most dictionaries.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
8. slang
“to cook his GOOSE,” to kill him; the same as “to give him his gruel,” or “settle his hash.”
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
9. slang
“to get the GOOSE,” “to be GOOSED,” signifies to be hissed while on the stage. The big-bird, the terror of actors. _See_ BIG BIRD.—_Theatrical._
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864
10. slang
to ruin, or spoil; to hiss a play.—_Theatrical._ To be “sound on the GOOSE” is in America to be orthodox in one’s political creed.
Source: The Slang Dictionary, 1864

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